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Welcome to Digital Marketing Mentor. We are a BTEC approved centre. Through our range of courses and seminars we can teach you how digital marketing can be beneficial to you and your business. Our goal is to demonstrate to you the new and innovative techniques available so that you can effectively apply them to business. Whether you are an apprentice, employee or an employer, we have an approach that can show you how to use these new skills. Our team of mentors will support you to learn and use your new skills.  
Digital Marketing Mentor is a BTEC accredited centre which was founded by David Prescod in 2010.  Its objective is to provide tailored training, mentoring to individuals and businesses. All of our mentors currently work in the digital marketing industry and provide both traditional marketing and digital marketing expertise. Digital Marketing Mentor is the first training provider in the UK to offer BTEC Edexcel level 3 qualifications in digital marketing. The first of these is the BTEC in Social Media.

What do we do?

Depending on your personal and/or business needs, our experienced team can certainly help you meet your objectives.

  • We can train you
  • We can teach you
  • We can mentor you
  • We can consult with you

To help you identify which of our services might be of most use to you, we have listed our services in accordance to our customers most popular requirments.

Skills aquisition

Who is it for?

For individuals and businesses who wish to aquire new digital marketing skills.

How can I achieve these skills?

By attending any of our seminars

Accredited qualifications

Who is it for?

For individuals who wish to study and achieve a recognised digital marketing qualification.

How can I achieve an accredited qualification?

By studying one of our BTEC Advanced Level 3 Awards (Blended learning)



Who is it for?

For individuals and business who are looking for a longer term relationship with an experienced mentor to help shape and develop your beliefs and values.

What types of mentoring do you offer?

Personal mentoring

Business mentoring


Who is it for?

For businesses who wish to contract any of our services to help optimise their own marketing efforts.

Since we started working with David, our gross profits have risen by 25% and our marketing is so much more focused, meaning we are targeting our key audiences. This guy’s worth every penny!

Chris - Doonbank Cottage

‘We were a tough team to convince as we know and teach marketing to Masters level but I have to admit that I learnt more than I expected and know that I have to embrace digital marketing channels now in my personal and professional life.

Mark - De Montfort University

 Does the provider understand my training objectives and the demands of my sector?

Our learning outcomes for our different courses are all clearly stated.  We do pride ourselves in taking the time to identify and understand the individual objectives of each of our learners.  This enables us to contextualise our content so that it is relavant to different sectors.

Is the training at the right level for those in my business and will it lead to any accreditations or qualifications?

The appropriate level of qualification will be diagnosed and recommended.  As a BTEC approved centre, all of our qualifications hold an internationally recognised accredited awarding body.


Does the provider offer a learning environment best suited to my people?

We use only learning environments which are conducive to learning.  Our strict criteria ensures that the environments contributes to a positive learning experience.


How is the training assessed?

The learning outcomes are all assessed through the completion of a series of assignments.  The design of our courses means that the evidence required for the assignments can be generated though the applications of specific skills in the workplace.  Our independent team of assessors will assess submitted work at 3 points during the year.


Has the provider got approval from my trade or professional body?

We are a BTEC approved centre and all of our qualifications have been approved by Edexcel.


Can the provider put me in touch with satisfied clients or offer testimonials?

We have an increasing number of testimonials from past learners.  Further testimonials and references can be provided upon request.



Does the course represent value for money?

We know that our qualifications represent excellent value for money.  In addition to teaching the theory, the practice of applying the skills is also supported.  Expert mentoring completes a unique offering for either the learner or businesses.

Contact Us

Leicester Office
671 Welford Road
E-mail: david@digitalmarketingmentor.co.uk
Phone: 0116 212 0440

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