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Email or Direct Mail: Which is junk mail?

May 6, 2015 2:44 pm | POSTED BY admin | 0 comments

At a recent training course I was running, I scheduled the start time for 9.30am.  This was to give delegates time to answer their work emails between 9.00am and 9.30am.  This was in response to feedback that I had received on a previous course.  The drawback of being out of the office for a day is the number of emails waiting once one returns which can be daunting.  Like a pile of ironing, if your leave it too long, it can be daunting to wade through.

We have to question what percentage of the emails that we receive do we actually want and need to receive?  Teaching email marketing, I am well aware of the laws of permission marketing and the need to get a recipients opt in agreement.  If that is the case, why do we spend so much time deleting emails.  Is my mailbox just simply a repository of junk mail?

For years, direct mail has been seen as the devil.  All of those leaflets and cards that used to clutter up my door mat first thing in the morning trying to sell me products and services that I did not need.  As for the return on investment, the scatter gun approach has always provided a very poor return on investment.  However, recently, a little like the web based ads presented to me, the direct mail I have been receiving recently has been of interest to me and more relavant to my wants and needs.  Therefore would it be right to assume that market segmentation techniques have become more  sophisticated?

Analysing the emails and direct mail that I receive, I can conclude that I receive a greater percentage of junk mail via email than I do through the post.  In my own marketing I am now considering using sophisticated targeted direct mail marketing techniques to communicate my messages and offers to potential customers.  Yes, direct mail it is truly back as part of my integrated marketing communications mix.  Is my perception of email marketing the same as yours and could it be the same as your customers?  Should you be considering email marketing alongside direct mail marketing?  Do you use the most appropriate market segmentation techniques to ensure that you are not sending junk mail to your customers, whether through the post or via email?



Who shot JR?

11:52 am | POSTED BY admin | 3 comments

Some of you may remember when the American TV series ‘Dallas’ caused a international media frenzy in 1980 when their main character JR Ewing was shot.  The person responsible was kept a secret from all actors and even producers with every cast member being filmed doing the dirty deed.

The media frenzy that followed consumed all forms of the media, not just TV with T-Shirts being worn, and bookmakers taking bets as to the culprit.  Intentionally, it was reported that 350 million people were talking about ‘Who shot JR’ as people speculated during their coffee breaks at work or in their local bars and restaurants.   The public were kept waiting 2 months to find out that the culprit was the character Kristin Shepard.

There is a lot that we can learn from Dallas about how a ‘buzz’ can be created for a brand.  At its core, the main driver was suspense.  Love or hate the character, people just wanted to know and as time went on, curiosity, theories and speculation grew.  Multi channel marketing helped fuel the buzz with what we would call today ‘offline’ marketing activities stimulating the conversation.  Magazines and newspapers, radio stations, posters, T-Shirts, pens, mugs etc all perpetuated the hype.  Could you get people talking about your brand in the same way?  Could you create a question that everyone wants to know the answer to?  Could you create a viral phenomenon which commands such a positive buzz?  Today, the channels available to us as digital marketeers make this much easier for us to reach these scales.

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